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----BEN Drowned----

Your friend Eva had asked you if you wanted to come over for a costume party, and you had nothing better to do so you said you would come over. And right now your getting your costume on, you were about to grab it when your phone rang. "Yeah?". You ask after you pick it up. "Hey I just wanted to say my brothers going to be here and well he's even more of a pervert than me so watch out". Eva says. "Ok thanks for the tip, bye". You say. "Bye". She says and hangs up. You grab your costume and start putting it on. (Here it is:… .). You smile and walk out the door and down to my house, you knock on the door and I open it. (Heres my costume:… .).

---Your P.O.V---

"Wow never seen you in something like that". I say after you let me in. "Yeah I love steampunk stuff and well I had my brother get my costume, never again". You say and we both laugh. "Yeah, so what does your brother look like? You know so I can try to get hit on by him". I ask. "O-oh well, lets just say he looks like BEN Drowned O-ok". You say and look around. "You mean your brothers BEN Drowned a creepypasta?". I ask. "Y-yeah don't tell any one ok". You say and I nod. "I won't and I guess I'll have to watch out for him". I say and you nod. "Thanks and good luck, I have to go and make sure Jeff isn't making a mess in the kitchen and Masy and Hoodie don't eat all the cheesecake before I get some". You say and I laugh again. "Save some for me". I yell to you as you walk away.

After a bit of walking around, I bump into someone. "Sorry". I say and look up to see the only person I was trying to hide from. "S-sorry BEN". I say and back away from him. "Oh so Eva told you about me huh?". He asks with a smirk. "Yeah she said your even more of a pervert than her, which is saying something". I answer and he chuckles. "See you soon sweet cheeks". He whispers in my ear and walks away. "What just happened?". I ask myself.

----Jeff the killer------

Eva had just called saying you were having a costume party and asking if you if you wanted to come, and you said yes. ---Your P.O.V.----

I sigh and grab my costume and put it on. (Costume:…. I look in the mirror at myself. "I hope no one runs away from me". I say with a chuckle.

I walk up to your door and knock, you open the door. (My costume:… .). "Wow". We both say and laugh. "Come on in". You say and I walk in. "Wow this is awesome". I say looking at all the food and drinks and lights, and laugh when I see Masky and Hoodie eating most of the cheesecake. "Masky, Hoodie". Eva yells and they run away. "Damn it, I hate to yell at Hoodie, but they keep eating it all, I made it the other day and when I woke up it was gone". Eva says and pouts. "I'm about to shoot Masky with one of my arrows". Eva adds and I laugh. "Good luck with that". I say and she laughs.

Later that night, most of the people were drinking, Eva didn't even have anything for them to drink. I think that BEN and E.J put something in the drinks, I was one of the lucky ones that didn't drink to much, Eva was trying to get Hoodie to lie down sense he had a lot to drink, I sigh and walk into the backyard. "Looks like I'm not the only one trying to get away from them". A voice says, I look over and see a boy with a smile cut into his face, I step back a bit. "I'm Jeff and who might you be?". He asks with a laugh. "[y/n]". I answer. "Cool, I'll be seeing you again soon". He says and runs into the woods near Eva's house. "O-ok". I say to myself.

----Human smile dog-----

---Your P.O.V.----

Tonight was Eva's party it was a costume party so I had just got my costume.

I look at myself in the mirror. (Costume:… .). I smile and walk downstairs. "Where do you think your going in that?". My mean step mom asks. "To my friends party". I answer. "You better not stay out to late". She growls and walks away, I run out the door and down to Eva's house which was not to far away from mine. I knock on the door and you open it. (My costume:… .). Your eyes almost pop out of your head when you see me. "W-wow, you look good". You say and let me in. "Thanks my step mom says I can't stay out to late". I say and you frown. "Ok, I have someone that can walk you home when you go in case she tries something". You say and hug me. "Thanks". I answer and hug back.

Later I walk up to you. "I think I should be going soon". I tell you. "Ok stay here I'll go and get him". You say and run off. You come back with a guy with dog ears and tail, he was handsome to. "This is smile, smile this is [y/n], the friend I want you to walk home so her step mom doesn't try to kill her for staying out". You say and he nod, you walk away to help BEN with something.

We get to my house and I can hear my step mom yelling at my dad, I sigh. "Thanks for walking me home". I say. "No problem anything for a friend of Eva". He says with a smile. I lie on my bed looking at the ceiling and listen to the fight downstairs.


Tonight was the party at Ambers house, she wasn't a friend of ours, she was are bully, but we had to go are mom and dad show that we weren't going to go and said that if we didn't we were going to lose are laptops. I sigh and grab my costume. (Costume:… .). I walk down the hall to Eva's room and knock on the door, she opens is. (My costume:… .). "D-do w-we have t-to go?". She asks. "Yes if we want to keep are laptops". I say and drag her out of her room and down the hall.

We were in the party, you were holding onto my arm shaking. You weren't to well around lots of people you don't know and this is are bullies house isn't helping. "Eva calm down it will be fine". I say and you look at me and nod, you let of of my arm, we were walking along trying to find a place to hide away from the rest of the party, when someone bumped into us and I couldn't find you. "Eva". I call out. "Shit". I whisper and run around trying to find you.

I ended up in the backyard, I hear a scream come from the woods across the road, it was your scream. I run across the road and into the woods, I see you and the bullies, I hide behind one of the trees close by. "Freak". One says and pushes you, I hold back a growl. "Whore". Another one says. "Sult". Another one says, I see tear building up in your eyes. "I bet your sister left and went home, your just going to die in these woods". The leader Amber says, I was just about to walk out when rocks started to be throw at the bullies. I look around and see to people about are age in orange hoodies, they both had masks on. I hold in a gasp. 'It couldn't be, maybe there just people from the party dressed up as them'. I think, the bullies run away, but I stay behind the tree, they walk over to you. "You ok?". The one in the white mask asks. "Y-yeah t-thanks". You answer. "A-are you guys r-really Masky and Hoodie?". You ask. "Y-yeah". Hoodie answer and looks down. "C-cool both me and my big sister are fans of you guys". Eva says. 'Oh god'. I think and blush. "She is, which one does she like the most?". Masky asks. 'Oh god Eva please don't'. I think. "You". Eva answers with a giggle, I blush even more. "Well then tell her we should met up some time". Masky says. "O-ok". Eva answers Masky walks away, Hoodie pulls his mask thing away from his mouth and kisses Eva on the cheek and runs away. Eva blushes and giggles. "I got kissed on the cheek by Hoodie". She giggles. I drag her away and back home.
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When hes horny part 1:
When hes horny part 2:
When hes horny part 3:
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