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You were princess [Y/n] the little sister of prince Eric, he was off and married while you were walking around on the beach looking for a friend to talk to, but you don't have any friends so you have no one to talk to, yes you had a few but you knew they were just your friend because your a princess.

----Your P.O.V.--------

I sigh and walk along the beach, I put on a shorter dress so I wouldn't get my other one dirty that would make father mad, I walk along and alone, no one really wanted to be my friend or me, but only because I was a princess. I look up from the sand and see something on the beach. I walk closer, I gasp, it was human, I run over and see a boy, he had blue and yellow hair, he was wearing a white shirt and blue shorts, and a necklace. I walk over and kneel down to him, I poke his cheek. "Are you ok?". I ask he was still breathing so I knew he was alive. He doesn't do anything, I stand and run back to the castle and tell some people to take him to a room.


I sit on the bed the boy was lying, he was still asleep, he was changed into some proper sleeping wear, and lied in my bed, why because I found him and I didn't want father to take him away, I crawl up to him and sit down and pull his head into my lap and start to sing.

-----Flounder's P.O.V.--------

I hear a voice singing, I waited until it stopped to slowly open my eyes, I see a girl with [H/l] [H/c] hair and [E/c] eyes, she was looking down at me, I look around and see I was in some kind of human bed, I look back at her, she was smiling. "Good your awake I was afraid you weren't going to awake up". She says. "I'm [Y/n], Princess [Y/n], but you can just call me [Y/n], whats your name?". She asks, I go to answer but nothing comes out, I grab my neck softly. "Oh you can't talk, well I did find you on the beach maybe you got hurt before, maybe a ship wreck or something of the sort". She says and rubs my head. "Does anything hurt?". She asks and I shake my head, she smiles again. "Well good to know your not hurt". She says, she moves my head from her lap and gets off the bed, she stands up and looks back at me. "Stay here I'll go and fetch something for you to eat".  She says and walks out of the room, I look around the room was big, but not as big as the sea, like back home, I can't really remember why I'm here or why I'm human.

Princess [Y/n] walks back in with a tray that looked to heavy for her, she walks over and sits it down on the bedside table and crawls onto the bed and puts some kind of what I'm guessing human food in front my mouth, I take a bite it was good, I let her feed me until it was gone, she grabs the tray again this time she didn't look as if it was to heavy and walked out again. Soon to come back and sit on the bed next to me, she looks out the window. "I wonder what my brother is doing". She thinks out loud, I rise an eyebrow. "O-oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to talk out loud I was thinking of my brother Eric he's married now and has his own kingdom, I wonder what he is up to now". She says and looks at her lap. 'Her brother is king Eric, Ariel's husband!!'. I think as my eyes widen, I shake my head and look at her, she was still looking at her lap, I grab her chin and make her look at me, I smile softly and she smiles back. There was a knock on the door making her look at it, she gets up and walks over and opens it. "F-father". She says. "[Y/n] what if of this I've heard that you found some boy on the beach and took him here". A mans voice says, [Y/n] looks down. "F-father he can't even talk let alone go back outside". She whispers and I hear her father growl. "I want him out as soon as he cant get out you hear me". Her father says and she weakly nods, she closes the door and runs over and hugs me and breaks down into tears.


I sit in my room in my clothes that [Y/n] said that she found me in, which was a white shirt and blue shorts and a necklace, I play with the necklace, I hear a voice talking, no a few about three or so, I look at the door from my place at the window. What was the Ariel's voices!!, The door opens and [Y/n], Ariel and king Eric walk in. "F-flounder?". Ariel says shocked and runs over and hugs me, I hug back, Eric was talking to [Y/n].  Ariel lets me go and looks at [Y/n] and Eric. "Where did you find him?". Ariel asks and [Y/n] looks over. "On the beach I was going for a walk and I saw him I had a few people bring him back, f-fathers not to happy, he says that he has to leave as soon as he can, he can't talk to". She says looking down. "Just like when I first came here". Ariel says and [Y/n] looks at her, Ariel gulps. "Y-you didn't tell your sister Eric". Ariel says and Eric shakes his head. "Tell me what?". [Y/n] asks, Eric takes her into the hall and starts talking to her.

[Y/n] looks at Eric shocked before looking at me and then back at Eric, she looks down thinking, she nods and Eric sighs. They walk back in, [Y/n] looks at me. "S-so this is some spell that turned him from a fish into a human?". She asks. "Well it could be a spell maybe part of it that didn't happen until later". Ariel says, and looks at me. "I'm sorry Flounder I didn't mean for you to get into this mess". She says and I shake my head, I was happy I was here, I could be here with Ariel and I got to met [Y/n].


I walk along with [Y/n] on the beach, Ariel and Eric left back to there kingdom and her father was out, it was nighttime now. [Y/n] looks up at the stars. She gasps and closes her eyes and crosses her fingers, I rise an eyebrow at her, she opens her eyes and looks at me. "O-oh I was making a wish you know on a shooting star. I nod. "I know this sounds crazy but try to talk". She says. "But its not going to work". I say and cover my mouth she smiles. "It worked I got my wish". She says jumping up and down. She giggles. "Only if I could have two wishes". She says. "W-what was our other wish?". I ask and she blushes. "For you to stay and kiss me". She says rocking on the heels of her feet. I smile and lift her chin. "You don't need another shooting star for that princess". I say and kiss her.
I saw the picture and I was like oh no the ideas coming, and this is the one I picked to do hope ya like it.

Flounder, Eric and Ariel: Disney

You: Flounder

Story, idea and Writing: :iconxreader2001:

Picture: :iconjesshaoi:
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