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March 25
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(Ok in this since its male!Cinderella his name will be Ash because of the Cinder in Cinderella ok and there will be Prince Charming and his name will be Derek because I couldn't find his name anywhere ok now on with the story)

----Your P.O.V.------

I was riding along with my brother Derek I wanted to see what has changed since I was away. The carriage comes to a fast stop which almost makes me fall I would have if Derek didn't catch me. "Stay here I'll see whats going on". He says and I nod, he opens the carriage door and walks out. I sit waiting until he comes back, there were two other men holding a boy with dirty blond hair, he was past out, I gasp. The boy was put in the carriage across from me and Derek. "Who is he?". I ask looking at the boy, his clothes were worn and dirty, there was dirt on his face as well as the rest of his body. "I don't know". Derek says and we set of back to the castle.


I sit on the bed next to the boy, he had been washed and dressed in sleepwear, I slowly touch his face, it was soft almost like a baby. A smile finds it way onto my face. "Come on [Y/n] you just got back you need some rest". Derek says from the doorway, I look over at him and then at the boy and nod. "Ok". I say and get up and walk out with him, then down to my room to go to bed.


I awoke the next day and set of with my day, like everyday I had something to eat and took a bath and put on a nice [Color] dress and then did a few other things before I went to the room the boy was in, I slowly open the door and see he was still asleep, I walk over and sit on the bed and look at him. I started to sing (Hatsune Miku - Lost Story (English Piano Cover) -JoyDreamer).

I finish and his eyes slowly open, they were a lovey shade of blue, he looks at me. "W-where am I?". He asks his voice a bit raspy from just waking up. "At the castle". I answer and his eyes widen, he sits up and looks around. "Calm down my brother found you past out and we took you back home with us, you've been asleep along time I was afraid you weren't going to wake up". I say and he looks at me, he was taller then me. I smile and there was a knock on the door before Derek walks in. "So hes awake". He says and I nod. "He just woke up". I say and Derek nods. "Well I have to go out with father stay here". Derek says and I nod he walks out and down the hall. I pout as soon as he leave.

"Whats wrong?". The boy asks. "He gets to go out anywhere he wants when I have to have him with me or father its not fun". I say and pout more, he chuckles. "Try have a step father and brothers and having to clean the whole house by yourself and then we'll see which is less fun". He says and I look at him. "Y-you have to do that". I say and he nods. "I should be going step father will be mad if I don't get back". He says and tries to get up, I shake my head and pin him down. "No way your not going back there plus I'm sick of being alone". I say and giggle at his shocked face. "Aren't you a princess why would you want boy like me staying here?". He asks. "You'll have to find out later and you have to stay if you want to find out". I say with a giggle. "There's clothes for you there and you can take a bath". I say and point at the clothes and wash room before getting up and running off, I never said I was the most lady like.


I sit on the open window sill looking down at the garden, I hear footsteps and turn and see the boy, I blush but hide it. He walks over and looks down at the garden, I look back out. "Why are you just looking at it why not go down?". He asks. "I'm not aloud to go outside without a guard or someone else and a guard takes away the fun". I say with a sigh and look at my lap, I see his hand come into my sight, I look up and see his smiling face. "Would you like to come with me to the garden?". He asks and I smile and grab his hand. He helps me up and we set off to the garden, we get there and I run over to the big willow tree and sit down and close my eyes and sigh.

I feel something on my head and open my eyes and see the boy placing something on my head, I look up and see a flower crown made of [Color] roses, he sets it on my head and sits in front of me, I look at him. "T-thanks- oh I never got your name". I say. "Ash". He says and I nod. "Well thank you Ash". I say and hug him, he was shocked but hugged back. I pull away and stand up and grab his hand. "Come on I know a great place to watch the sunset and then the stars when they come up". I say and he gets up and follows me, us holding hands the whole way.

I push some tall grass out of the way and walk until we got the the open place, I let his hand go and run over and sit down and pat the place next to me, he walks over and sits down. When the sunset came it was the perfect view, now we lay looking at the stars. "How do you know this place if your not aloud to go outside by yourself?". Ash asks. "Me and my mother used to come here before she died". I say and close my eyes thinking of my mother, I feel a tear roll down my face. A soft hand wipes it away, I open my eyes and look at Ash. He had a sad smile on his face, I hiccup and hug him.

He rubs my back as I cry. "Shh its ok". Ash says and I sniffle, I let him go and sit up, he sits up as well and looks down at me. I go to wipe my eyes with my hand but Ash stops me, he leans down and kisses the tears away. I look at him after he pulls away. He smiles a little blush on his cheeks. I hug him again and hide my face in his chest.


We walk back to the castle and see my father looking worried as well as Derek, they look over. "There you are young lady were have you been!!?". My father asks, I look down. "It was my fault I wanted to see the garden and they we watched the sunset". Ash says and my father sighs. "Go to your rooms". My father says and we nod, are rooms were close so I got to see Ash before I went into my room.


I wake up with a gasp, another nightmare, I sit up and hold my head in my hands, I shake thinking of the nightmare. I get up and head down the hall I didn't even notice until I was at Ash's door, I slowly open it and see him sitting by the window looking at the sky, I walk in without him noticing and get in his bed and hide under the covers. I hug his pillow and close my eyes.

The covers get picked up. "[Y/n] what are you doing here your fathers going to kill both of us". Ash says and I open my eyes and look at him, I was half asleep. "I don't want to stay in my room". I say and he looks at my face and see a few dried tears,  he gets in the bed and puts his hand on my cheek. "Did you have a nightmare?". He asks and I nod, he hugs me to his chest. "You can stay ..... Lets just hope your dad doesn't kill me". He says before I fall asleep.


I wake up and see that Ash was looking at me rubbing my cheek, I groan and try to hide. "Hey you have to get up your brother came in and said that you have to leave before your dad finds out". Ash says and I sit up and get out of the bed and look at Ash he was sitting up, I run to my room and put on a new dress and brushed my hair.


I walk along with Ash, my father said that he had to leave today. I stand at the gates with him. "W-will I-I see you again?". I ask holding back tears. "I don't know I hope so". He says and kisses my forehead before the guards let him out, I fall to my knees as he walks away, I let the held back tears fall down my face. Derek walks over and tries to help me up, but I push him away and run to the place me and Ash watched the sunset, it wasn't me and my mothers place anymore it was are place. I sit down and look at the sky, dark clouds roll in and it starts to rain, just like how I'm feeling.


Its been a year since then and I still think of Ash, tonight was a ball, one for me and Derek to find the one we have to marry. I sit in my room looking at the dress the maids got ready for me, I sigh and get up and put it on. (The dress:… ). I sigh and grab the mask and look at it. (Mask:… ). I put it on and walk into the hall and down to the ball room hoping that I'll see Ash and he'll save me from this.


So many guys have talked to me, I needed air and just to get away, I sneak away and run to the place were me and Ash watched the sunset a year ago I go there every time I can. I get there and see a boy standing there he had his mask on so I couldn't see his face he was looking up at the stars. I slowly walk over and he turns and looks at me. "Oh sorry I just remember this place from when I was here before". He says, his voice sounded like I heard it before, wait from when he was here before only me and Ash know this place I didn't even show father or brother. "A-Ash?". I ask and he stops walking and turns around and looks at me, I walk over to him and take his mask off, it was him. I back away in shock.

I smile and throw my mask off and hug him. He was shocked. "I knew it I only showed you this place no one else would know this place". I say and he hugs back. "[Y-y/n] I didn't think I would see you again". He says and hides his face in my hair. "M-me to". I say and he pulls away and cups my cheek. "I love you I did since the first time I saw you". He says and leans down and kisses me, I kiss back and wrap my arms around his neck.


Later your father let you be with Ash you had a few kids and lived Happy ever after
I don't own Cinderella or you nor the picture

I do own the story, idea and writing

P.S. The idea for the name Ash goes to my dad 

Hope you like it I was shocked out long it was and I was happy with my work and I hope you like it and please don't ask for a part two this is a one-shot but keep an eye out for more Male!Cinderella x readers and other genderbend x readers as well, hope you Enjoy my work bye- Eva
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