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(I Genderbend the picture myself hope it looks ok, oh and in here He's human not a guardian at all)

------Your P.O.V.------

I walk along the sidewalk, my mom and dad were fighting like always I was sick of the yelling and had to get out of the house. I put my headphones in and turn on [Song you like].

----Male!Tooth's P.O.V.-----

I was running down the road some other kids around the town I just moved into were picking on me because of my hair, I was running so fast I didn't notice a girl and fell onto her, she gasps and looks up at me, I was on my hands and knees on top of her. She looks up at me in shock. She takes her headphones out. "S-sorry!!". I say and get up. "Its fine, mind me asking why you were running?". She asks standing up brushing her clothes off.

The bullies walk over laughing. "Great the freak meets after freak". One says and I flinch. "Oh shut up [bully name]". The girl I ran into snaps. "Leave him alone want someone to bully just to it to me like always". She says with a glare. "Wow little [Y/n] standing up for someone I'm shocked". [Bully] laughs.

[Y/n] glares at her. "Oh did I make little miss ugly mad?". [Bully] Says with a smirk. "Well at least I'm not a barbie". [Y/n] says with her own smirk, I hold back a laugh. The bullies glare at me and I step back. (There not all girls ok there boyfriends are there to). [Y/n] steps in front of me. "Leave. Him. Alone". She growls out. "What is he your boyfriend or something". One of the bullies says with a laugh.

[Y/n] glares at them. "No but at least he's not yours to because you'd just use him to get the guy you really want like your using you boyfriend for". [Y/n] says with a smirk. The bully glares at her. "What did you say whore". The bully says and walks up to [Y/n]. "I haven't even had sex so I don't see how I can be a whore unlike someone who's standing in front of me". [Y/n] says and the girl glares.

"You bitch". She yells and slaps [Y/n] leaving nail marks on her cheek as well as blood from the cuts. [Y/n] touches her cheek and glares at the girl.

----Your P.O.V.----

I punch the girl in the face, and she steps back holding her bloody nose as she gasps. "MY NOSE!!". She yells in her high pitched voice that doesn't even seem human. Her boyfriend glares at me and picks me up by my shirt and punches me, my head snaps to the side. They all gang up on me.

After they were done they left, I weakly sit up and look at the boy that ran into me, his eyes were wide. He ran over and bend down. "Are you ok, I tried to get them to stop but they punched me". He says and I take notice of the bruise on his cheek. "I'm fine not like this hasn't happened before". I say, I weakly smile at him. "I never got your name". I say and he shakes his head with a smile. "Niall, but my friends all me Tooth". He says. (I just picked a random name for him because there aren't any names for him as far as I know). "I'm [Y/n] if you didn't notice". I say and he nods.

--------------Time Skip from Jack's Teeth------------

------------Male!Tooth's P.O.V.----------

I sit with [Y/n] watching the sunset, its been awhile since the fight, I asked her if she wanted to move in with me after I found out her mom and dad keep fighting, here mom said that she could so she did, I was in college so I had my own apartment, [Y/n] was in high school so we were close to the same age, I'm about 20 and her 17.

I look over at [Y/n] she was just wearing shorts and a T-shirt since it was warmer today, it was a nice spring day, and now night. You could see the stars and moon coming out to shine down upon the world below. "[Y/n]". I say and she looks over. "Yeah?". She asks, ok its now or never. I close my eyes and sigh, I move over and kiss her. I could tell she was shocked, I pull away and look away blushing.

I peak over at her and she was crying, but at the same time smiling. My eyes widen. "I'm sorry!! I didn't mean to make you cr-". I start to say but get cut off by her lips, her soft lips at I love so much, but not as much as I love her. I kiss back and tangle my right hand into her hair, and put my left hand on her waist and bring her closer, she wraps her arms around my torso.

We pull away, and she smiles panting. "You don't know how long I've been holding that back". She says, I rest of forehead on hers and look into her eyes. "Then I guess I should have kissed you sooner". I was my voice almost a whisper. She smiles and kisses me again, I take no time kissing back.
Picture(c) = Found on Google (I did make it male because I couldn't fine a human male picture of Tooth)

Rise Of The Guardians(c)  = Dreamworks

Story(c) = Me

A/N: I hope you like it and sorry if the picture sucks I tried my best and I tried to make it longer and add more detail but I know I failed on that part I'll try better on my next one that I plan to be working on next which will be a Modern!Hiccup x Reader I plan to start writing that one soon and hopefully upload it before tomorrow.

I plan to write more Fanfics with bullies because I need to do my part of stopping bullying and this is my best hope, I tired to show how you can fight back and never stand down just keep going and you'll find your prince charming, so never stand down and let them walk on you like your a rug stand up and fight for yourself make the world a better place and make sure if you have kids that there world is a better place to live it that's what I try to put into these fanfics
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* wipes away tear * I wish I had someone like him in my life * breaks down bawling * mah life is horrible
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Yes, it is a sad perspective of life, but its there. I feel nice whilst reading them, but then i sit back thinking about how i might be forever alone in life.
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Sadness.... But At least the internet and my bed understand me and love me... Right??
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Anyways, My friend and I came up with this saying for me to say to a possible love interest.

I love food and sleep. If I share my food with you, and/or stay up all night texting you or talking to you, you have to be seriously really special...

But in all honesty, If food and sleep were combined into a person, weather it be male, female, or trans... I. WOULD. FUCKING. MARRY. THEM.

That is all... :)
satiricScythe Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2015  Hobbyist Writer

Actually I was saying "forever alone" for like six years (i'm fifteen)and then I met someone on a flipping roleplay, so don't worry, you'll find someone eventually, and maybe that person will show up roleplaying a character you really like then slap you (in the roleplay) and then become your lover later on.


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agreed, i love sleep, sadly i tend to stay the hell up late at night and then i wonder why the hell im so fricking tired when i go to school XD but yes, if food and sleep were a person, i would love them SO MUCH!
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